Submitting your eThesis (The University of Manchester Library)
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Submitting your eThesis

Postgraduate Research Students are required to submit an electronic version of their thesis as part of the PGR examination process.

Electronic submission is completed via the eThesis submission portal:

Following successful final submission, University of Manchester eTheses are available via the institutional repository, Pure, and discoverable via the University’s Research Explorer and Library Search.

eThesis Submission FAQs

1. Where is the link to submit my eThesis?

You can submit your eThesis here: Scroll down to ‘PGR Services’ and click on the link for ‘eThesis submission’.

2. I’m planning on publishing content from my thesis. Can my thesis still be Open Access?

The majority of PGR students will be able to comply with the Presentation of Theses policy by selecting either immediate Open Access or Open Access with a 12 month embargo, for their final eThesis. You can find more information about publishing your thesis here.

If you're planning to submit a Journal format thesis, there are likely to be additional considerations related to sharing your thesis, so we recommend consulting our Journal format thesis submission guidance.

3. I’ve submitted the final version of my thesis but I can’t find it online. When will it be Open Access?

If you selected ‘Immediate Open Access’ as the access level for your final eThesis but you can’t find it online via Research Explorer, please contact the eThesis Support Service and we will investigate this for you.

If you selected a 12 month, 2 year, or 5 year embargo (or if you selected ‘Indefinitely closed’) it will not be available online until the end of this embargo period.

4. The personal information or supervisor details are wrong. Can these be changed?

If you notice that your personal details, or the details of your supervisor, are wrong when submitting your eThesis online or the viewing the webpage of your eThesis online via Research Explorer, please contact the eThesis Support Service.

5. How do I record supplementary data when I submit my thesis online?

You can include any supplementary material or data by recording the details of these on Step 3 of the eThesis online submission form. Space to record these are in two free text-boxes marked ‘Describe any digital materials that make up your thesis and are not submitted here’ and ‘‘Describe any non- digital materials that make up your thesis and are not submitted here’.

6. Do I need to submit physical copies for the examination version and/or final version of my thesis?

Submission of physical copies of the thesis is NOT required. 

7. I can’t see my submission window

Your submission window is opened automatically once you have completed your Notice of Submission form and you should receive an email advising you that your window is now open. If you have not received this or your window is not displaying when you log in, you should contact your PGR administrator for advice.

8. I have received an error message while trying to submit

If you do receive an error message then please contact the eThesis Support Service and we will be able to investigate this for you.



Examination submission

You will be notified by email when your PGR Administrator has opened a submission window for you.

You are required to select your preferred access level for your final eThesis when completing examination submission. The University's Presentation of Theses policy requires that all final Postgraduate Research eTheses are made Open Access no longer than 12 months after submission, unless an exception to the policy is required for reasons of sponsorship or sensitive content. Your final eThesis access level is subject to supervisor approval. See Access to your final eThesis for more information.

After submitting your examination eThesis, your supervisor will be notified of your preferred access level and prompted to approve or override your selection. You will be notified via email once your supervisor confirms your access level. 

Depending on the recommendations of your examiners, you may be required to complete resubmission of your eThesis. In this case, a resubmission window will be opened by your PGR Administrator.

When you’re ready to submit of your final eThesis, your PGR Administrator will open a final submission window for you to complete. Once final submission is completed, your final eThesis will be available via the institutional repository, Pure, and discoverable via the University’s Research Explorer and Library Search.

Help and guidance

Download our eThesis submission guide  for detailed information to support your eThesis preparation.

To help you prepare for your eThesis submission, you may wish to view these screenshots of the eThesis submission form:

Screenshots: eThesis examination submission form

Screenshots: eThesis final submission form

You should familiarise yourself with the University’s regulations and guidance notes on submission and presentation of Postgraduate Research theses:

Your Postgraduate Research Development team will be able to provide training and guidance on thesis preparation and submission.

You can also contact the eThesis Support Service if you would like more information or assistance.

Hints and tips

  • Use Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Turn off pop-up blockers
  • Your eThesis must be in PDF format
  • Large files take longer to upload. Reduce the size of your eThesis file as much as possible

The eThesis team is here to support you; contact us if we can provide more information or assistance.