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The advantages of e-books

Using e-books provide you and The Library with a number of advantages over traditional, printed material.

Advantages for staff and students

  • 24/7 access to resources.
  • Access on and off campus.
  • Access for multiple users at the same time (on most e-books).
  • You can print and download sections of the book, in compliance with copyright guidelines.
  • You can use keyword search (within books or across collections).
  • You can highlight and make notes within the text that you can download or print etc.
  • No library fines.
  • No heavy bags to carry round campus.
  • No texts that have already been highlighted/annotated by the previous reader.

For the Library

  • We can provide content to you more quickly, as e-books are supplied much more quickly than their print equivalents.
  • E-books don’t require shelving so we can free up some existing library space and convert it into areas for our customers: study spaces etc.
  • Through schemes such as 'Order a book', the Library is able to provide access to a vast amount of content that, in print format, it would never be able to afford.
  • E-books are greener than their print equivalents.

E-first policy

The Library is moving towards an e-first policy in order to take advantage of all the benefits provided by e-books and e-journals. Where content is available in a variety of formats, preference will be given to electronic.