Our priorities

Our amazing collections urgently require expert attention to catalogue, digitise, conserve and study them, to ensure their long-term preservation and use.

This vital work will transform academic and public understanding of the cultures, communities and religions represented in the collections. Our priorities include acquisitions, conservation, cataloguing, digitisation, research fellowships, support for early career academics and studentships.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how your own interests align with our collections and priorities.


Collaborate with us to develop our collections, building on areas of strength and addressing gaps, to provide new opportunities for research and engagement.


Your support will ensure that fragile and unique materials are preserved by our expert Collection Care team for future generations to study and appreciate.


Help us reveal hidden collections and unlock their remarkable research potential by supporting essential cataloguing projects.


Funding cutting-edge digitisation and advanced imaging helps us reveal our collections in breath-taking detail and bring them to worldwide audiences.


Support the brightest minds as they uncover new knowledge in our collections and address the compelling issues that confront the world today.


Help to nurture the next generation of scholars by funding bursaries for MA students and PhDs.