Past projects

A list of past projects by year.

2019/20 projects

Codex Poetics: Romantic Books and the Time of Reading

Emily Rohrbach, Pilot Grant

Hugo, the Genius and the Hero

Kevin Morgan, Pilot Grant

Medieval Manuscripts in the First ‘Northern Powerhouse’: Exhibition Project

Stephen Mossman, Pilot Grant

Sleeping Well in the Early Modern World

Sasha Handley, Pilot Grant

Trans-nationalising the English Renaissance: The Importation of Editions of the Classics Published by the Plantin Press in Sixteenth-Century England

Fred Schurink, Pilot Grant

UK Black Freedom Struggles in North West England, 1945-1989.

Kerry Pimblott, Pilot Grant

Health Professionals, Age, and Migration Control in Twentieth Century Britain and France.

Antoine Burghard, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Materialising Time in Early Modern Religious Literature

Catherine Evans, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Women and History: Female Antiquarianism and Historiographical Strategies, c.1750–1830

Madeleine Pelling, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Envisioning Change – Learning from the Past to Inspire New Thinking About the Future with the National Trust at Quarry Bank

Joanne Tippett, Collaboration Grant

Manchester Centre for Correspondence Studies (MCCS)

Andrew Morrison, Collaboration Grant

Putting the Body of Manchester on Display

Stephen Walker, Digital Humanities Grant

The Manuscript Gaster1572 and the Use of the Medieval Texts as a Didactic Tool in Nineteenth-Century Balkan Context.

Adelina Angusheva-Tihanov, Digital Humanities Grant

Music Inspired by Alan Turing’s Research into Pattern in Computing and in Nature.

Joshua Brown, Artist in Residence

Speaking Russian in Coulsdon: Between Countries and Between Forms.

Rebecca Hurst, Artist in Residence

Turning Archives into Music: Innovation through Adaptation and Translation

Patrick Jones, Artist in Residence

2018/19 projects

In Their Own Words: Poetry in Translation in the UK after 1962

Florence Impens, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Good Grief: Historical Perspectives on the Regulation of Mourning

Naomi Baker, Pilot Grant

The Dave Cunliffe Archive and the Counterculture: The Cultural Impact of Poetmeat, Global Tapestry and the BB Books Small Press

Douglas Field, Pilot Grant

Networking John Ruskin: Victorian Culture and Social Life in the John Rylands Library

Colin Trodd, Pilot Grant

Second City: Manchester and Modern Finance

Alexia Yates, Pilot Grant

Ecology and Commemoration: The Forgotten Poetry of Early Modern Commonplace Books

Douglas Clark, Pilot Grant

Liberal worlds: Towards an Intellectual and Political History of James Bryce

Stuart Jones, Pilot Grant

Poetry Across the Pond: UK-US Poetry Networks 1960-1985

Sophie Baldock, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Land, Labour and Liberty: The Republican Roots of Socialism in Britain, 1815-1900

Sean Irving, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Counterfeiting Luther: Fraud in the Reformation Book Trade

Drew Thomas, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Technology and Magic in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Encounters

Brian Wallace, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Emotional Eating in the Early American Colonies

Rachel Winchcombe, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

From Screw Press to Spectral Density: Re-Evaluating the Print Revolution

Julianne Simpson, Collaboration Grant

Giulio Camillo 2.0

Oscar Seip, Digital Humanities Grant

“Seeking Volumes”: Developing Mixed Reality Applications with Archival Collections in the Digital Spatial Humanities

Clancy Willmott, Digital Humanities Grant

Economic Behaviours in the JRL's Persian Manuscripts

Edmund Smith, Digital Humanities Grant

The Song of Commerce

Samuel van Ransbeeck, Digital Humanities Grant

The Book of Magic

Usma Malik, Artist in Residence

Writing Globalisation, Writing Oral History

Alicia Rouverol, Artist in Residence

2017/18 projects

The Formation and Reception of the Macklin Bible

Naomi Billingsley, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Anti-Slavery Activism: From Modern to Post-Modern

Nick Turnbull, Pilot Grant

Debating Russia’s Future: The Role of Alexis Aladin (1873-1927) in Anglo-Russian Economic and Political Exchanges, 1860-1914

Peter Gatrell, Pilot Grant

Environment, Emotion, Ritual and Routine

John Morgan, Pilot Grant

Envisioning Dante

Guyda Armstrong, Pilot Grant

Street Theatre and Urban Change in Nineteenth-Century Britain and France

David Calder, Pilot Grant

Affect and Affections in English Protestantism, c.1649-c.1745

Michael Smith, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Elite Women as Accountants, 1680-1830

Elizabeth Spencer, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Grief and the Family in Britain, 1750-1830

Kate Gibson, Visiting Early Career Fellowship

Anglo-German Colloquium: Rylands Presentations and Public Lecture

Stephen Mossman, Collaboration Grant

Cultural Exchange in the Qianlong Emperor’s Engravings

Stella Halkyard, Collaboration Grant

Lives and Afterlives of Letters

Naomi Billingsley, Collaboration Grant

Making Knowledge in Urban Contexts, 1700-1925

Alice Marples, Collaboration Grant

The Apions’ Archive: Land, Aristocracy and Empire in Late Antique Egypt

Roberta Mazza, Collaboration Grant

Diachronic Changes in the Undergraduate University Prospectuses at a UK University from 1998 to 2018

Duygu Candarli, Digital Humanities Grant

Mary Anne Rawson’s The Bow in the Cloud and The Network of Anti-Slavery in Britain

Christopher Ohge, Digital Humanities Grant