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Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Visiting Early Career Research Fellows 2023 / 2024 

Visiting Early Career Research Fellows (2022 / 2023)

  • Sami PinarbasiIntercolonial exchanges: Slavery and the environment in British Florida and Jamaica, 1763-1783.

Visiting Early Career Research Fellows (2021 / 2022)

  • Richard BellisTrading Body Parts in Britain, 1759-1850
  • Jenny Buckley - A Paper Mind: Material Fictions and Print Afterlives, 1700-1820
  • Ben Jackson - Consuming Clergymen: Religion, Masculinity and Objects, c1603-1830
  • Melek Karatas - The Atelier as Network: Illumination, Agency and the Production of Vernacular Literature in France, 1320-1500 
  • Christine Slobogin - Anonymous Anatomies: A Critical History of Visual Medical Anonymization in Britain and America, 1870-1955

Visiting Early Career Research Fellows (2020 / 2021)

  • Ana DiasImage in Iberia and the Medieval West ca. 700-1080: an Intellectual History
  • Caroline Henaghan - Premenstrual Tensions in the 1830-1930 Archive: Taking a Medical History of Disordered Menstruation
  • Anna Jamieson - A Touch of the Blue Devils: Women, Mental Health and Self-Care in England, 1750-1850
  • Emily Price - Conversation, Consumption, and Conversion in Early Modern Europe, c. 1580-1700
  • James Watts - Landscape, Environment, and British Imperial Identity, 1860-1914
  • Hannah Yip - The Clergy and Artistic Recreation in Early Modern Britain


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