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Widening Participation

Library and Information Services for Sixth-Form School and College Students and Staff in the North West

The University of Manchester Library offers reference facilities at Main Library to North West sixth form and mature students - and their teachers - to help with A-level and Access course work.

Although the resource needs of staff and students will normally be met by schools and colleges themselves, we recognise that materials and services relevant to students of some A-Level courses are not readily available in school, college and public libraries, and that teachers preparing courses may need access to a wider range of resources than such libraries can offer.

We also hope that experience of using one of the country's premier academic libraries will help to encourage and enable students who might not otherwise have done so to proceed to higher education.

John Rylands Research Institute and Library

You may also be interested in our free Post 16 education programme for schools and colleges at the John Rylands Research Institute and Library, Deansgate.