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Requesting books

If all standard copies of the book you require are on loan you may request a copy at any point during the academic year using Library search.

Can I request a book?

You can request items that are out on loan using Library Search

An email notification will be sent when the book you have requested is ready for collection. The book will be held for thee working days at the library site of your choice.

You can receive text message notifications from the Library to remind you when books are due for renewal or return, or to advise when books are ready for collection.

Some sites operate a self-service request collection service. Please refer to the email notification for further details.

Request from shelf

You can also request books which are showing as available on Library Search.

This works in exactly the same way as requesting books when all standard copies are out on loan.

Once you’ve made your request library staff will retrieve the book for you and it will be held for you for three working days at the library site of your choice (excluding the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and John Rylands Research Institute and Library).

Collectme room

The Collectme room is located on the ground floor of the Main Library, opposite the bottom of the escalator, on the left of the entrance gates.

If you have requested a book or store item and set the pick up location as the Main Library, your reservation will be held here for you to pick up. 

You will need your unique code to find your book, and there is a self-service machine in the room.

What do I do if a book I have is recalled?

All books are subject to recall at any time, including vacation, if requested by another customer. Please remember to check your university email account.

If a standard loan is recalled you will be notified by email of the new return date. The new date on the email replaces all previously issued due dates.

Please contact us if you are having difficulty returning your book.