PGR Directors (The University of Manchester Library)
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PGR Directors

Postgraduate Research Directors have responsibility for resolving the following escalated eThesis issues:

Delay to supervisor access level approval

If a PGR supervisor fails to take action on final eThesis access level approval within one month of submission, the PGR Administrator will liaise with the Supervisor to encourage approval or overriding of student’s preferred access level as soon as possible.

If the supervisor fails to take action within one month of Administrator liaison, the Administrator will escalate the situation to the appropriate PGR Director.

There will be no delay to student eThesis submission or graduation whilst the supervisor’s access level approval is still pending, however the final eThesis will not be made available via the University’s systems until the supervisor has completed their access level action.

Final eThesis access level contested; supervisor not available

Where a supervisor-approved access level decision is contested by the student, an agent of the University must decide whether to revise or retain the approved access level.

The role of agent will be fulfilled by:

  • Thesis supervisor, if current member of University staff
  • School/Faculty PGR Director, if supervisor no longer employed at the University

The eThesis Support Service will liaise with agent and student, and make any required changes to thesis records.

Please note: If a request is made to takedown a thesis due to material being used unlawfully, e.g., thesis breaches copyright (either owned by you or a third party) or any other  law, including but not limited to laws relating to patents, trade-marks, confidentiality,  obscenity, defamation and libel, the University’s takedown procedure will be followed.

You can access information on Final eThesis access level options and contact the eThesis Support Service if you would like more information or assistance.