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Research Metrics Reports

Compiled from multiple data sources, our innovative Research Metrics Reports provide diverse and detailed analyses tailored to schools, divisions and departments.

Clear, easy to access and designed to give you actionable evidence and insights to complement your existing knowledge and understanding.

About the reports

Using our reports will enable you to undertake:

  • nuanced evaluation, such as assessing the University’s academic and non-academic impact within particular disciplines;
  • targeted competitor analysis, including benchmarking Manchester against other institutions; and
  • data-driven decision making and meaningful strategy development, including identifying potential future collaborations and interdisciplinary research opportunities.

Complemented by our Research Metrics Database

These reports are complemented by our Research Metrics Database, a simple, easy-to-use tool that enables you to drill down from your report and explore detailed research co-authorship data from SciVal and Scopus by country, school and subject:

Additional bespoke support and analysis

Our expert Research Metrics team can provide follow-up support with any aspect of your report, as well as further customisable research consultation and analysis through our Research Metrics Analysis service: