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Interactive map of Main Library

A new interactive map has been developed to help you find your way around Main Library.

The map is intended to build upon our existing physical signage and maps to improve your navigation around the building. It is optimised for mobile devices, meaning you can access it on the go.

Built using the same technology as Google Maps, the map provides a familiar experience that will highlight the quickest routes from one part of the building to another, allowing you to search by room or facility type. 

Using the map

  • Navigate to Main Library Interactive Map to open.
  • You can select the floor you wish to view using the menu which shows floors through 4 to -1.
  • To navigate to a room or other location, enter what it is you're looking for in the box in the top lefthand corner. Select 'Directions', which will then allow you to choose your destination, and then enter the location you are travelling from.
  • If you would like to see an accessible route, tick the 'Avoid stars' box.

Each destination on the map provides images and written detail to give you as much information as possible.

We are continuously developing the map and are always seeking user feedback to explore ways that we can improve. If you have any suggestions or have noticed anything not working, please consider reporting it to us via Library Help.