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Developing a publication strategy

As soon as you start thinking about publishing your research, you should consider writing a publication strategy.

A publication strategy will help you to think about what you want to achieve by publishing your research, focus in on the key criteria for the publication’s format and help to ensure that all co-authors are in agreement.

Creating a solid communication plan will inform your publication strategy and should not be overlooked as a tick-box exercise at the start of the process. A well thought out communication plan may help you to target your research at a wider audience, beyond academia.

Publication strategies will differ between disciplines

Researchers based in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health are encouraged to consider methods of communicating their research and who could benefit from the research. There may already be training within your School that will help you to write a communication plan. Areas to consider include: 

  • What is the aim or objective of the communication? What do you hope to achieve?
  • Who is the target audience for this research?
  • What is the correct channel to reach your audience, or that helps you achieve this objective?

Developing a considered publication strategy is no less important for scholars in the humanities and social sciences. The number of publications you have to your name matters less than the quality of your publication history.

Considering the best way to get your research out to your intended audiences early on in the process will ensure that you take care to choose the best publication option for your research, and for you as a researcher.

For more information, guidance and suggestions on developing an effective publication strategy, you can download our detailed guide: