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Library Living Room

The Library Living Room has been created to offer a warm, comfortable space where students can take a break.

Purple sofa with orange and green cushions by a plant in Library Living Room.

Located next to the Library Lounge, the space has soft seating, board games and blankets.

It's an ideal space to eat after microwaving your own food and preparing hot drinks using the facilities in Library Lounge. 

The Library Living Room is available during Main Library opening hours.

Changes to the Library Living Room

Purple sofa with orange and green cushions by a plant in Library Living Room.

The Library Living Room has changed over the last few weeks, with a new paint colour on the walls, and new signage identifying the area.

Stduents can use this space to unwind, take advantage of the cosy furnishings and play board games.

There is also an Announcements board that students can use. Please ensure that all content follows the guidelines below.

Guidelines for posting on the Library Living Room 'Announcements' board

The new announcements board in library Living Room, which is black with Announcements written in yellow

The Announcements Board is a free space for students to post any relevant news for campus life. For example:

  • Event posters;
  • Socials and Society adverts;
  • Wellbeing information.

Please do not post any political or monetary advertisements, in line with maintaining this relaxing social space.

If you post on the 'Announcements' Board, please remember to remove your poster once the event has passed. If any material is deemed inappropriate or outdated it will be removed by Library staff without notice. 

Blu tack can be found in the Boardgames cupboard.