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Preparing your taught course materials

We are committed to meeting your teaching needs and enhancing the student learning experience by ensuring taught course materials are available and accessible.

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The Reading Lists service delivers on the Library’s Reading Lists Strategy, which was developed through engagement and partnership with University staff.

Your cooperation in this process is vital to ensure materials are available in a timely manner. Here's how to prepare and inform the Library of your taught course requirements.

Using Reading Lists Online

All taught course requirements should be placed via Reading Lists Online

Full guidance on getting started, creating and updating your lists is available on our Reading Lists FAQ page. 

Please notify the Reading List Team if your course unit is no longer running, has changed semester or requires a text for an open book exam.

Lists can be updated at any time and final recommendations should be placed at least eight weeks prior to the start of the course unit. 

eTextbook Programme: Core eTextbooks

Our eTextbook Programme provides each student on a course unit with their own personal interactive downloadable core eTextbook via the Kortext platform. We provide one core eTextbook per course unit. For a core text to be considered for your course unit:

  • Tag the item required as ‘core’
  • Ensure this is the only  item on your reading list tagged as core
  • Submit changes to the Library

eTextbook programme selections for 2024/25 should be placed by 21 June 2024.

If we already provide a core eTextbook via our eTextbook programme for your course unit, and you wish to keep the same selection, no further action is required. 

Our commitment

Once recommendations are received the Library will check and source materials in accordance with our purchasing guidelines.

  • We will provide items electronically (where available) or provide a relevant alternative.
  • We will provide the latest edition of a text by default, unless otherwise specified.
  • A note “Being considered for eTextbook programme 2024-25” will be added to titles solely tagged as core within 3 days of receiving.
  • Lists, when published, will integrate with your course unit in Blackboard. 

Timescales 2024/25

  • Lists will copy and rollover for the next academic year from 12 June 2024.
  • The eTextbook deadline is Friday 21 June 2024.
  • All recommendations should be placed at least eight weeks prior to teaching.

For further support using Reading Lists Online or your core eTextbook please contact: