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Digital collections help and support

The following 'Library Help' articles will help you to use the Library Digitised Collections.

All links will open our 'Library Help' portal:

About Library Digitised Collections

Library Digitised Collections are displayed using LUNA software. Images and metadata are produced by the Library’s Heritage Imaging Team, unless otherwise stated.

The majority of images are from the Library's Special Collections, but some collections contain images from other institutions.

Logging in

Please note that if you are accessing Library Digitised Collections off-campus, some collections are only available by logging in with a University username and password.

University of Manchester staff and students have additional benefits in the Library Digitised Collections.

These additional features require you to log in to Library Digitised Collections using your central username and password.

Further support

Please direct any comments, queries or information to

For further information see the Imaging Services web pages and blog

The Library Digitised Collections are best viewed using the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Conditions of use

Creative Commons

The University of Manchester images made available in the Manchester Digital Collections are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license and are available for download and reuse under the terms of such licence. Please ensure that you give appropriate credit to the University of Manchester as required under the licence.

If you have any queries in relation to the use of the images or if you wish to use the images for purpose not covered under the Creative Commons license, or to license the images for commercial uses, please contact

  • Images from some collections may be subject to copyright restrictions. Please contact the institution or rights holder directly if you wish to use the images for purposes other than personal research. See the “Rights Holder” and “Notes” fields in the descriptive data for each image for further information.
  • Some collections have been restricted to members of The University of Manchester.  To access these collections it is necessary to use your University login.

Library Digitised Collections take down procedures

How to complain

If you believe material is being used unlawfully by The University of Manchester (“University”), e.g., breaches copyright (either owned by you or a third party) or any other law, including but not limited to laws relating to patents, trade-marks, confidentiality, obscenity, defamation and libel, whether on its website or otherwise, please provide the University’s Copyright Guidance Service with the following information, via Library Help:

  • Your contact details
  • The full details of the material, including, where applicable, the website address where you found the material
  • The nature of your complaint
  • An assertion that your complaint is made in good faith and is accurate
  • If you are complaining about a breach of your own copyright, please state that you are the rights owner or are authorised to act for the rights owner and provide supporting evidence

Upon receipt of the complaint, the University will make an initial judgement on the validity of the complaint and:

  1. if it decides that the complaint should be investigated further, the relevant material will, wherever possible, be temporarily removed pending an agreed solution; or
  2. if it is judged that the complaint should not be investigated further, The University will inform the complainant of this and its reasons.

If the University deems that the complaint should be investigated further, then The University will attempt to resolve the issue swiftly and amicably and to the satisfaction of both parties, with the following possible outcomes:

  1. the material is replaced unchanged;
  2. the material is replaced with changes; or
  3. the material is permanently removed by The University.

The information you provided will only be used in connection with your enquiry.

Restricted and unrestricted collections

A full list of the collections we hold, and information about them, can be found on the All Collections page.

Collections which are currently restricted to students and staff at The University of Manchester are:

  • Arts, Languages and Cultures
  • Rylands Learning and Research