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Main Library reception

Main Library

The Main Library is the largest library on campus and holds the principal collections for teaching and research in the humanities, education, law, medicine, science and the social sciences.

Opening hours

13 September to 17 December 2021

  • Monday: 8am to midnight
  • Tuesday: 8am to midnight
  • Wednesday: 8am to midnight
  • Thursday: 8am to midnight
  • Friday: 8am to midnight
  • Saturday: 9am to midnight
  • Sunday: 9am to midnight

Christmas closure dates 2021/22

  • 18 December: 9am to 5pm
  • 19 December: 9am to 5pm
  • 20 December: 8am to 8pm
  • 21 December: 8am to 8pm
  • 22 December: 8am to 8pm
  • 23 December: closed
  • 24 December: closed
  • 25 December: closed
  • 26 December: closed
  • 27 December: closed
  • 28 December: closed
  • 29 December: closed
  • 30 December: closed
  • 31 December: closed
  • 1 January: closed
  • 2 January: closed
  • 3 January: closed


The Main Library
Oxford Road
M13 9PP

+44 (0)161 275 3751

Features and facilities

Special Collections

Many of the Library's special collections are held in the Main Library. These include archives of the University of Manchester, Christian Brethren archives, a range of scientific books and post-1800 medical books, medical drawings and paintings, and maps.

Find out more about our current offer:

Group study rooms

There are 14 group study rooms on Green 2 in the Main Library.

  • Each room can be used in a booked session by a minimum of two and a maximum of eight people.
  • The rooms are furnished with a large table and eight chairs, a PC and a 32 inch LCD monitor.
  • You will need to login with your username and password to access these PCs.

Visit this page to book a group study room:

For more information about booking group study rooms visit Library Help.

IT and copying facilities

The Main Library is one of the University's major computer cluster locations. Most of the networked computers are located on Blue 1.

Main Library PC Cluster‌Many of the PC's are provided for specific purposes such as quick-use, library catalogue access and access for external users (academic research only).

Multi-function devices (MFDs) can be found throughout the building and provide print, scan and photocopying facilities.

If you need support with IT issues please ask a member of the Customer Services Team or contact our Digital Support Service team via Library Chat and Library Help:

Food and drink

The Library Lounge is currently closed.

Library Cafe

The Library Coffee Cart on Blue Ground is open from 9am.

Vending machines are also available and will provide snacks and drinks throughout the day.

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