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MLE embedded programme

Library specialists work in partnership with academic staff to design, develop and deliver online resources and face-to-face teaching within the curriculum.

The MLE embedded programme offers a wide selection of topics including study strategies, finding information, writing, presenting and group work and critical thinking. These can be delivered to your students at any time throughout the academic year.

If you have any questions, please contact us, or take a look at the directory below to get a flavour for the different themes and topics covered by the MLE programme:

Finding information

  • Identifying appropriate search tools
  • Using search tools
  • Using alternative sources

Critical thinking

  • Evaluating source material
  • Academic reading and critical analysis
  • Understanding and analysing data

Writing, presentations, and group work

  • Academic writing
  • Writing for different purposes
  • Presentation skills
  • Working with others

Study strategies

  • Planning and organisation
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate study strategies
  • Storing and sharing information
  • Bibliographic and reference management
  • Managing your online identity

Independent learning

  • Learning to learn
  • Reflecting on your learning
  • Becoming a lifelong learner