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Introducing Library Kortext AI study tools pilot

Exploring the future of learning

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The University of Manchester Library is excited to announce the launch of a Kortext AI Study Tools Pilot. Working in partnership with Kortext, the pilot invites module convenors, and students enrolled on their modules, to test a range of generative AI study tools designed to enrich teaching and learning.

About the pilot 

The pilot is running with selected modules using a core eTextbook, provided through the Library's eTextbook programme, via the Kortext platform.

For the duration of the pilot, module convenors and students enrolled in their modules have the opportunity to explore and test a variety of supported generative AI study tools, accessible when using their core eTextbook on the Kortext platform.

Key features

  • Summarise: create concise summary outlines for selected text, pages, or excerpts.
  • Study notes and workbooks: create short bullet points to summarise key content and organise study notes effortlessly.
  • Q&A: Generate multiple-choice questions for selected text to test recall and understanding.
  • Citations: Automatically generate citations for a range of referencing styles.
  • Translate: Seamlessly translate text into over 100 languages.

Additionally, users have access to a free video collection and 5 GB of storage space to upload supplementary study materials.


The pilot aims to assess the effectiveness of these study tools in supporting teaching and learning and improving the student experience. We will evaluate usage, user engagement and overall user experience to help inform broader discussions, on the use of generative AI tools within teaching and learning, across the University.

Duration of the pilot trial

The pilot runs from January to August 2024.


For questions or further information contact your Engagement Librarian.