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The historical series

Edward Melland Schill‌The lectures were founded as a memorial to Edward Melland Schill, a promising scholar killed in 1916 during World War I, in order to promote comprehension of international law and implicitly lessen the possibilities for future conflict (through shared understanding and tolerance).

They were delivered to the general public in Manchester between 1961 and 1974, before moving solely to more extensive published form under the auspices of Manchester University Press, a series which continues to this day.

The early digitised lectures cover a fascinating range of topics from "Rights in Air Space" to "The Influence of Law on Sea Power."

They offer a window not only into historical concerns ("International Law and the Uses of Outer Space"), but into wide-ranging questions whose continued relevance remains all too apparent. Issues relating to "The Acquisition of Territory in International Law" and "The Role of International Law in the Elimination of War" have lost none of their currency and urgency today.