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Resources and services

Printed books and journals

Full reference access is provided to the printed stock available on the open shelves in Main Library.

Training and support

The Library is keen to support schools and colleges wanting to make use of the Library's resources as part of  the University's commitment to Widening Participation.

It may be possible to arrange for training and assistance in using our resources during your visit but due to resource constraints we may not be able to offer this to all visiting schools and colleges.

For further information about the services the Library offers, see our Widening Participation guide.

To enquire about arranging for expert help from library staff please contact:

Tel. + 44 (0)161 275 8735

Electronic resources

Access to the majority of our electronic journals and some databases via a number of dedicated PCs in the Main Library is available to sixth-form students and staff.

If you intend to visit the Library to use such resources, we suggest contacting us in advance so that we can advise you whether the particular resource you are interested in will be available.

Many electronic resources are restricted by licensing agreements from being made available to non-University of Manchester members.