University of Manchester Institutional and Academics' Archives

The archives of The University of Manchester and its predecessor institution, Owens College, are important resources for the history of higher education and research.

As well as the institutional archives of the University itself, there are papers of numerous former professors and lecturers, notably:

  • William Stanley Jevons (Philosophy and Political Economy)
  • Samuel Alexander and Robert Adamson (Philosophy)
  • Sir Lewis Namier, James Tait and T.F. Tout (History)
  • John Strachan (Greek)
  • Brian Cox (English)
  • Eve Reymond (Egyptology)
  • Samuel Finer (History of Government)

There are also papers of the former Professor of Industrial and Commercial Law and later Vice-Chancellor, Sir William Mansfield Cooper, and of Sir Philip Hartog, secretary to the Victoria University extension scheme. Outside the University, there are papers of the freelance historian Edward Freeman, and a small collection of Sigmund Freud letters.

The John Rylands Library Archive is itself a significant resource for studies of book-collecting and bibliography.

See also the History of Science and the History of Medicine.