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Tout Family Archive

Date range: 1880s-1960s

Medium: Archive

Archive of the Tout family, who included the historian Thomas Frederick Tout (1855-1929), Professor of Medieval and Modern History at the University of Manchester, and his wife, Mary Tout, who was prominent figure in the civic and educational life of Manchester.

T. F. Tout was, with James Tait, one of the two leading figures of the 'Manchester History School' and is best known for his studies of English central government during the Middle Ages. His publications included Chapters in the Administrative History of Medieval England (6 vols, 1920-1931), The Political History of England, 1216-1377 (1905), and The Place of the Reign of Edward II in English History (1914). Tout also played an important role in organising the historical profession in the United Kingdom.

Mary Tout, née Johnstone, was a former student of Tout's, and was the sister of the well-known medieval historian, Hilda Johnstone. Mary Tout played an active role in promoting higher education for women and . The Touts had several children, including Herbert (1904-1997), a sociologist who taught at the University of Bristol, and Margaret, who was also a historian.

This family archive is extensive, and includes the papers of T. F. Tout and Mary Tout. T. F. Tout's papers include an important series of correspondence, which has been catalogued, as well as his research notes and professional papers. Tout's historian colleagues are particularly well represented in the correspondence series, and this contains much of value about historiography and the development of the historical profession. Also of note are many letters from Tout's former pupils serving in the First World War, recording their experiences.

Mary Tout's papers, which are uncatalogued, include her family correspondence with her husband, children, and siblings. Her papers also include material relevant to her interests in women's higher education.

Altogether the collection has significance for the history of higher education, the history of historical research and teaching, women's studies, particularly in relation to education, and military history.

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  • Catalogue of T. F. Tout's correspondence available online via ELGAR.
  • Catalogue of Tout additional papers available via Special Collections reading rooms.
  • Other Tout material uncatalogued.


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