University of Manchester Archives

[The Arts (Samuel Alexander) Building, 1913 ]

The Arts (Samuel Alexander) Building, 1913.

The University Archives are  official records of The University of Manchester, and its predecessor organizations, which are preserved for posterity.

The Archives help constitute the corporate memory of the University of Manchester, and are a vital component of the University's academic and cultural heritage.  They are an important teaching, learning and research resource for those interested in the history of the University, and of UK higher education in general.

The University is committed to researching and conserving its past, and seeks to provide opportunities for staff, students, alumni and members of public to participate in activities concerning its history. The University History and Heritage webpages provide further information on these activities.

The archives date from 1824 and include the records of:

  • Victoria University of Manchester
  • University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • Manchester Mechanics' Institution 
  • Owens College 
  • Victoria University

The Archives are managed by the Special Collections Division of the University of Manchester Library on behalf of the University as a whole, and are under the day-to-day control of the University Archivist. The Archives can be consulted by University staff and members of the public, subject to our reader registration requirements.

The Archives are located at the University Archive and Records Centre, main Library, Burlington St.

For further information contact: James Peters,  (0161 275 5306,