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I AM ALL WRONG "I am all wrong." [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18229) (Gospel Gleanings' Booklets No.14) 12343,(5)

I BELIEVE IN THE FORGIVENESS OF SIN S "I believe in the forgiveness of sins." London, A.S.Rouse,[n.d.] 31p. 5". (776004) 11273

I COME QUICKLY "I come quickly." London, James Carter, [c.1893.] 16p. 4". (900438) (Prophetic Series Nos.63,64) 12630

I HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP IN IT "I have been brought up in it." [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18227) (Gospel Gleanings' Booklets No.12) 12343,(4)

I HAVE INSURED MY LIFE I have insured my life for L500. [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18231) (Gospel Gleanings' Booklets No.24) 12343,(7)

I HOPE HE WILL OVERLOOK THE PAST "I hope he will overlook the past." [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18233) (Gospel Gleanings Leaflets No.38) 12343,(9)

I WANT SALVATION "I want salvation." Manchester, W.B.Horner, [c.1874.] [4]p. 6.5". (775800/KR17976) (Manchester Tracts: Gospel Series No.303) 12316,(37)

I WILL KEEP THEE "I will keep thee": a gem of antiquity. London, Alfred Holness, [n.d.] [4]p. 4". (GC53591) 12685

I. (H. N. ) Faithfulness: substance of an address given at New Roads, Jamaica West Indies, in March 1896. [Signed "H.N.I."] Hull, F.Kolkenbeck, [c.1896.] [4]p. 5.5". (GC48400) 12544

I. (J. ) A word of exhortation to Christian parents on Ephesians vi.4. [Signed "J.I."] London, G. Morrish, [1865]. 24p. 6". (836150) 3808

I. (J. H. ) [Letter] to the Christians remaining in fellowship with Greenwich at the Hoxton meeting. [N.pl., n.publ.,] 1890. 30p. 7". (901895) Xerox copy. 13006

I. (W. ) Letter from a brother in Canada [concerning the teaching of F.E. Raven.] (Toronto,)[n.publ.,](1891). 4p. 7.5". (G60675/KR11244) 696

ICH FUERCHTETE MICH! Ich furchtete mich! Elberfeld, R.Brockhaus, [n.d.] 4p. 7". (KR19664) (No.43) 13270

IF I THOUGHT ABOUT IT "If I thought about it." [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18284) (Gospel Gleanings Booklets No.163) 12343,(48)

IF I WILL THAT HE TARRY "If I will that he tarry till I come." (John xxi.21.) Edinburgh, W.P.Kennedy, 1845. 4p. 7". (KR18204) (On Prophecy No.6) 12336,(53)

IF SO BE YE HAVE TASTED "If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious." Manchester, Jas. F.Wilkinson, [c.1874.] 4p. 6.5". (775800/KR17975) (Manchester Tracts: Gospel Series No.73) 12316,(36)

IGNOTUS, psued. Eternal Sonship: a Scriptural dissertation. (London,)[n.publ.,](1932). [4]p. 8". (GC49239) With manuscript annotations by G.H. Lang. 9030

IKKE FOR LILLE TIL AT TJENE Ikke for lille til at tjene: for- taelling for born. Fra omkring ar 1900. [Translated into Danish] fra svensk..."For mine sma venner." Bronshoj, Den Kristne Forsamling, 1981. 33p. 8". (782866) 13419

IL VOUS FAUT UN SAUVEUR VIVANT Il vous faut un Sauveur vivant. (Vevey, Ed. de Bibles et Traites Chretiens,)[n.d.] [4]p. 5". (KR3129) 6854

ILFORD.- South Park Chapel South Park Chapel, Ilford: Golden Jubilee 1905-1955: a brief survey of fifty years of Christian witness. Ilford, The South Essex Recorders, Printers, 1955. 15+[1]p. 5.5". (GC67698) 13116

ILFORD.- South Park Chapel Spiritual songs selected 1924, South Park Chapel...Ilford, etc. London, Pickering & Inglis, [?1924]. x+469p.4.5". (G70356) 9081

IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL, The The immortality of the soul: an inquiry into the meaning of words, the true force of which is denied by such as reject the immortality of the soul. London, G. Morrish. [n.d.] 32p. 6.5". 14328

IMMUNITY TO BE SHUNNED, An An "immunity" to be shunned. (Bangalore City, Bangalore Press,)[n.d.] 16p. 4.5". (G67572) 2911

IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS Imputed righteousness. Aylesbury, Hunt, Barnard, & Co., [n.d.] [4]p. 4.5". (GC48238) (Scriptural Truths No.7) 12638

IN HIM WE LIVE In Him we live. [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18263) (Gospel Gleanings Booklets No.152) 12343,(37)

IN LIBERATED LANDS In liberated lands. [N.pl., n.publ., ?1945.] [4]p. 8.5". (GC40879) 3642

IN THE SCHOOL OF SORROW In the school of sorrow. [Verse.] London, A. Holness, [n.d.] 6+[1]p. 4". (GC53726) (Select Leaflets, No. 11.) 11654

INCHFAWN (Fay) The adventures of a homely woman. London, Ward, Lock & Co.,1925. 314+[6]p. Portrait. 8.5". (KR17599) 11854

INCHFAWN (Fay) A book of remembrance. London, Ward, Lock & Co., [c.1936]. 188+[4]p. Portrait. 7.5". (796806) 11855

INCHFAWN (Fay) Songs of the ups and downs...Third issue. London, Ward, Lock & Co., [n.d.]. 128p. 7". (900026) 11857

INCHFAWN (Fay) Those remembered days: a personal recording. London, Lutterworth Press, 1963. 168p. 9". (796805) 11856

INCLUSIVE, An On the teaching of the Exclusive Brethren, or followers of John Darby... Republished from "Northern Witness" of March, 1875. Edinburgh, City Bible House, [?1875]. Xerox copy. 15p. 14166

INDIAN CHRISTIAN, The The Indian Christian. (Kotagiri, Indian Christian,) 1931,1948. Vol.XXI no.6; XXXVIII no.8. (GC48413) Per.

INDIAN LETTER Indian letter. (East Godavari, J.Webb,) May-July 1951. No.4. (GC48043) Per.

INDOCTUS, pseud A few words on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, in its relation to the church. [A reply to A.A.Rees'] ("Second) [friendly] (letter to the Christians called 'Brethren'".) London, G.J.Stevenson, [1869]. 16p. 8.5". (GC40758) 3530

INDWELLING OF THE HOLY GHOST, The The indwelling of the Holy Ghost. (London, Central Tract Depot,) [n.d.] 16p. Xerox copy. 13749

INDWELLING OF THE HOLY GHOST, The The indwelling of the Holy Ghost. (Second edition.) (London,)[Central Tract Depot, n.d.] 16p. 7". (GC41795/KR969) 5618,(7)

INFANT HOLINESS Infant holiness: the testimony of Scripture and the authority of the church on baptism. London, W.Yapp, 1856. 19p. 7". (GC42894) 3994

INGLEBY (Arthur G ) Pioneer days in darkest Africa: a record of the life and work of C.A. Swan, who laboured in... Katanga, where he found F.S. Arnot, etc. London, Pickering & Inglis, [1937]. 176p. 9 plates. 7". (G62705) 1040

INGLEBY (Arthur G ) Portugal: path to three continents. (Bath, Echoes of Service,) [n.d.] [8]p. 8.5". (GC42874) ("Echoes' Quarterly Review" Regional Survey, no.7.) 3953

INGLEBY (Arthur G ) The Son of God: an elementary study of our Lord's deity. Parede, Publicacoes Evangelicas, [n.d.] 48p. 7.5". (G67548) 2526

INGLEBY (Arthur G ) The Son of God: an elementary study of our Lord's deity. Parede, Publicacoes Evangelicas, [n.d.] 48p. 7.5". (GC41009) 3750

INGLEBY (Arthur G ) Where do we go from here? An enquiry into the present missionary situation. Porto, Port. Evan. Pubns., [n.d.] 31p. 6". (GC40867) 3666

INGLIS (Charles) Pegs for preachers, points for workers. London, Morgan & Scott, [n.d.] [ii]+143+[1]p. 7". (903365) 11953

INGLIS (James) The Bible text cyclopedia: a complete classification of Scripture texts,etc. London, F.E.Race,[n.d.]. iv+524+[2]p. 8.5". (785205) 10272

INGRAM (Brett) Ulsterheart: an ancient Irish habitation. [N.pl.,] All-Ireland Heritage, 1989. p.[i]+246-249. 8.5". (KR190877) Contains a section on J.N.Darby and the Brethren in Ireland. 13013

INGRAM (Leonard S ) The golden scales, or hear "the other side:" in one scale, official Roman Catholic dogmas; in the other scale, corresponding Evangelical doctrines...Notes and comments by L.S.Ingram. General Anaya, L.S.Ingram, (1946). 112p. 6.5". (GC42808) 4461

INGRAM (Leonard S ) A gospel manual: popular proofs of Christian beliefs. Leandro Valle,Mexico, L.S. Ingram, [n.d.] [ii]+139p. 6.5". (842624) 8984

INQUIRER, The The inquirer.[Edited by J.E.Howard] London, Central Tract Depot, 1838-40. Vol.I nos.3,4,[7];II;III(KR3637) Vol.II has dedicatory inscription by J.E.Howard, a note by J.J.Penstone, and proprietary signature of W.R.Lewis. Vol.I and III are xerox copies. Per.

INTELLIGENCE Intelligence. (Leicester, Intelligence,) 1953. New Series Vol.XL. (772684) Continuation of "Wholesome words," q.v. Per.

INTEREST Interest. (Wheaton, Ill., Interest,) 1969- Vol.34-52 no.5,11; 53 no.4; 54 nos.6-7 (GC46531) Continuation of" Letters of Interest," q.v. Imperfect. Per.

INTEREST MINISTRIES Interest Ministries: (a defense and explanation.) Wheaton, IL, Interest Ministries, 1991. [iv]+69+[1]p. 11". 14571

INTEREST MINISTRIES Questions & answers [concerning] Interest Ministries. (Second printing.) Wheaton, Ill., The Resource Centre at INTEREST Ministries, 1990. 12p. 6". (902226) Catalogued from cover. 13082

INVESTIGATOR The Brethren. By Investigator. (Belfast,) Committee on the State of Religion, [n.d.] 32p. 6". (G63046) (Who are they?) 1384

IRELAND (J A ) The two ordinances. London, Pickering & Inglis, 1949. 16p. 6.5". (901480) 12899

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by W.C. Irvine. Bangalore, Fraser Town Book Depot, 1921. [v]+100p. 7". (GC41896) With proprietary signature of W.R.Lewis. 4998

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by W.C. Irvine. Bangalore, Fraser Town Book Depot, 1923. [ii]+ii+105p. 7". (842694) Catalogued from cover. 8951

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by W.C. Irvine....Fifth edition, rewritten in greater part, enlarged and brought up-to-date. Bangalore, Scripture Literature Depot, 1927. [viii]+152p. 7". (767856) 3364

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by W.C. Irvine. With a foreword by W.Hoste. Sixth edition. Bangalore, Scripture Literature Depot, 1929. [ii]+ii+[iv]+173+[3]p. 7". (772555) 7825

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by W.C. Irvine...Seventh edition. London, Pickering & Inglis, (1930). xii+181+[3]p. 7". (842658) 8950

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed: a brief critical examination in the light of the Holy Scriptures of some of the prevailing heresies and false teachings of to-day compiled by Wm. C.Irvine. Eighth edition. (Reprint) Bangalore, The Scripture Literature Depot, 1937. [viii]+206+[2]p. 7.5". (901421) 11859

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by W.C. Irvine...Eighth edition. (Reprint.) London, Pickering & Inglis, (1937). vi+[1]+206+[2]p. 7". (785140) 10339

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by... W.C. Irvine. (Twenty-first edition,) etc. Calcutta, Evangelical Lit. Depot, (1949). [ii]+226p. 7". (776399) 9586

IRVINE (William C ) Heresies exposed...Compiled by W.C. Irvine. (Thirty-first printing, tenth edition.) New York, Loizeaux Brothers, (1960) [iv]+217p. 7.5". (GC48782) 7826

IRVINE (William C ) Indian realities: stories and surveys of missionary enterprise in India by workers from assemblies in the homelands...edited by Wm. C. Irvine [and others]. London, Pickering & Inglis, [n.d.]. [vi]+210p. 1 map; 1 table; 21 plates. 7.5". (900466) 11858

IRVINE (William C ) 25 years' mission work among the lepers of India in a manner believed to be scriptural, etc. London, Pickering & Inglis, [1938]. 144p. 8 plates. 7". (776400) 9581

IRVINE (William C ) Why I am among those known as Brethren. Palmerston North, J.G. Harvey, [n.d.] 14+[1]p. 6". (GC42222) 3888

IRVINE (William C ) Why I am among those known as Brethren. Fort Dodge, Light & Liberty Publishing Co., [n.d.] 12p. 6". (GC49389) 6362

IRVING (John Hixon) Christ's great allegory; or, the true shepherd and the two flocks. (John x.1-18.) Glasgow, Pickering & Inglis, [n.d.] 32p. 4.5". (GC49973) ("Life" Booklets, no.VI.) 6431

IRVING (John Hixon) God's workmanship: the operations of his grace for and in his people. Kilmarnock, J. Ritchie, [n.d.] [iii]+144p. 7". (GC41618) 7822

IRVING (John Hixon) A modern Priscilla: a memoir of Mrs. Mark Hamilton Oliver of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Kilmarnock, J. Ritchie, (1908) 96+[8]p. Frontis. 7". (GC46182) 7749

IRVING (John Hixon) The Spirit of life; or, a sixfold view of the dealings of the Holy Spirit with believers, etc. Glasgow, Witness Office,[n.d.] 32p. 4.5". (GC40934) (The "Holdfast" Booklets.) 3718

IRVING (John Hixon) "Ye are a temple of God". Kilmarnock, J. Ritchie, [n.d.] 47+[1]p. 7". (772881) 7827

IRVING (John Hixon) "Ye are bought". Kilmarnock, J.Ritchie,[n.d.]. 48p. 7". (783235) 10345

IRVING (John Hixon) "Ye are come," or heavenly glories. Kilmarnock, J. Ritchie, (1909) 51p. 7". (772880) 7823

IRVING (John Hixon) "Ye are perfected"; or, the perfected Saviour and the perfected saint. Kilmarnock, Ritchie, [n.d.]. 48p. 7.5". (901907) 11868

IRVING (John Hixon) "Ye are redeemed". Kilmarnock, Ritchie, [n.d.]. 47+[1]p. 7.5". (901906) 11869

IRVING (John Hixon) "Ye are sanctified",etc. Kilmarnock, J.Ritchie,[n.d.]. 48p. 7". (783236) 10346

IS IT NOTHING TO YOU, ALL YE THAT PASS BY? Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? A tract for Good Friday. Eighth thousand. London, W.Macintosh, [n.d.] 16p. 6". (836146) 3812

IS THE WORLD IMPROVING? Is the world improving? [?London,] T.Weston, [n.d.] 4p. 5". (772141/KR18239) (Gospel Gleanings' Booklets No.59) 12343,(13)

IS THERE NO GOD? Is there no God? Belfast, Operation O.F.F.E.R., [n.d.] [4]p. 6". (KR19717) 13314

ISBELL (J B ) Faithful unto death: a memoir of W.G. Rhind.(Preface)[signed "J.B.I." i.e. J.B. Isbell,]etc. London, W. Yapp, (1863). 94+[2]p. 6.5". (GC41483) 7824

ISCHEBECK (Gustav) John Nelson Darby, seine Zeit und sein Werk. Witten a.d. Ruhr, Bundes- Verlag, 1929. 191p. Frontis. 7". (G63234) With proprietary signature of G.H.Lang. 1650,(1)

ISCHEBECK (Gustav) John Nelson Darby, son temps et son oeuvre. [French translation of "John Nelson Darby, seine Zeit und sein Werk."] Lausanne, Vie & Liberte,(1937) 155[153]+[1]p. 1 plate. 7.5". (772620) 6682

ISRAEL A hymn of the past, present, and future state of Israel. [London,](J.B. Bateman,)[n.d.] 4p. 7". (GC41766/KR1192) 5700,(14)

ISRAEL The promises made to the fathers contrasted with Israel's under law. Glasgow, G. Gallie, 1842. 28p. 7". (GC41766/KR1194) 5700,(16)

ISRAEL The restoration of the nation of Israel. (London, J.Wertheimer,) [n.d.] 2 pt. Xerox copy. 13763

ISRAEL Shalom and Israel: a message of peace in Israel's postage stamps. (Ajax,On., Nathanael Lit., Distributors,[n.d.] 48p. 6". (774865) Catalogued from cover. 11492

IT IS ALL IN BELIEVING, I SEE It is all in believing, I see. New York, Loizeaix Bros., [n.d.] 16p. 4.5". (GC42758) 4332

ITALY Il problema religioso in Italia. Firenze, G. Pellas, 1871. [ii]+25p. Xerox copy. 13826