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Other archive repositories in the United Kingdom contain Christian Brethren material.

Listed below are the main collections. The first section contains details of collections held in university collections. Brief details are given. These were obtained from the Archives Hub, from which full details can be obtained. The second section contains material in local collections.

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University archive collections

Papers of Samuel Prideaux Tregelles

Title: Papers of Samuel Prideaux Tregelles
Held at: University of St Andrews
Reference and contact details: GB 0227 ms36252-36295 

Samuel Prideaux Tregelles (1813-1875), eminent biblical scholar and editor, was born at Wodehouse Place, near Falmouth, Cornwall. His parents were Quakers, and he himself for many years was in communion with the (Darbyite) Plymouth Brethren, but afterwards became a Presbyterian. He was educated at Falmouth Grammar School. From 1833 to 1844, he worked in the Neath Abbey Iron Works but in 1836 he set up as a private tutor in Falmouth, finally devoting himself to a laborious student life.

Tregelles is also well known for hymn writing, which began before 1837, and extended to 1861 or later. His earliest hymns were published in the Plymouth Brethren's Hymns for the Poor of the Flock , 1838. He received an LL.D. degree from St Andrews and a pension of £200 from the civil list. He died at Plymouth on the 24th of April 1875.

John Campbell Papers

Title: John Campbell papers
Held at: GB 0206 Leeds University Library
Reference and contact details: GB 0206 Liddle Collection CO 017

John Campbell (b. 1899 in Ayrshire, Scotland) initially served under age on the Western Front, but converted to Christian Brethren in May 1917. He was called up again in 1918, but refused on grounds of conscientious objection and was imprisoned at Wormwood Scrubs, later doing forestry work on the Home Office Work Scheme in Cambridgeshire and Dartmoor until 1919.

See also: The Liddle Collection at Leeds University Library

William Cooper Papers

Title: William Cooper papers
Held at: GB 0206 Leeds University Library
Reference and contact details: GB 0206 Liddle Collection CO 021

William Cooper (b. 1886 at Barking, Essex), an undertaker, a member of the Plymouth Brethren and conscientious objector, was granted temporary exemption in June 1916, and exemption conditional on his joining the St John Ambulance Association in Oct. 1916. He was ordered to join the Rifle Brigade in 1917 and his refusal resulted in imprisonment at Wormwood Scrubs in June 1917, before he was transferred to the Non-Combatant Corps, 11th Eastern Company.

See also: The Liddle Collection at Leeds University Library

Sion Wyn and Eben Fardd Letters

Title: Sion Wyn and Eben Fardd Letters
Held at: University of Wales Bangor
Reference and contact details: GB 0222 BMSS LETSW

Eben Fardd, born in 1802 was a schoolmaster and one of the leading Welsh poets of his day. He died in 1863. For biographical information consult Eben Fardd by E.G. Millward (1988).

Dr John Pughe, 1815-1874, also known as Ioan ap Hu Feddyg came originally from Anglesey but was raised in Clynnog, where he met Eben Fardd. Whilst living in Aberdyfi he came under the influence of the Plymouth Brethren. He was also responsible for the translation of The Physicians of Myddfai.

Letters to Eben Fardd from Dr John Pughe (Ioan ap Hu Feddyg), 1844-1850. His letters testify that he came under the influence of the Plymouth Brethren whilst in Aberdyfi. He also writes about the publication of his translation on the physicians of Myddfai.

Papers of Alexander McBeth

Title: Papers of Alexander McBeth relating to Plymouth Brethren, c. 1931-1945. Includes pamphlets
Held at: University of Glasgow
Reference and contact details: GB0247 Ms Gen 1676

Alexander McBeth was a member of the Plymouth Brethren in the Hamilton area. Sister Elizabeth Price McBeth, teacher, graduated M.A. at University of Glasgow, 1937.

The Pashkov Papers

Title: The Pashkov Papers
Held at: University of Birmingham Information Services, Special Collections Department
Reference and contact details: GB 150 VP

Vassili Alexandrovich Pashkov, (1870-1901), was a colonel of the Russian Imperial Guard and a St Petersburg aristocrat. He was converted to Evangelical Christianity during revival meetings held by Lord Radstock (Granville Waldegrade), an Englishman. After Radstock was forced to leave Russia in 1878, Pashkov took over the movement. Pashkov too was exiled from Russia in the 1880s.

The collection includes letters from F.W. Baedeker.

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Archive collections in local record offices

The following local record offices contain papers relating to the Christian Brethren

Lancashire Record Office:

  • The Lancashire Congregational Union 1662 -1974

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies:

  • Marriage Register of Fuller Hall Christian Brethren, Croxley Green, Hertfordshire 1969 -1985.
  • Stevenage Development Corporation, Commission for the New Towns [CNT/ST/5 - CNT/ST/7] 1939-1993.

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees:

  • Cleckheaton Christian Brethren, Temperance Brass Band, minutes1886-1899
  • Batley Providence Street Christian Brethren Chapel, records1845-1932

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies:

  • Salisbury Christian Brethren Chapel, Barnet, Hertfordshire1971-1982