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General information

  • 'Who are the Brethren?' : A good starting point introducing the Open Brethren, an essay by F.F. Bruce.  This was one of a collection of articles by Brethren authors addressing the same question, published in Echoes of Service under heading 'That the World May Know', in 1986, and reproduced on the Believrerhome web site (see below)
  • Believershome web site:  contains Information, articles and links to sites associated with believers.


Assemblies and publications

  • gospelhalls uk : Links to UK assemblies with their own web pages. 
  • Precious Seed Online : from the producers of Precious Seed Magazine, which among other things includes the latest issue of the magazine.
  • Partnership works with local churches, many of which have a Brethren background. Its web site contains a list of member churches, some with their own web pages.
  • Counties sets out to 'spread the gospel in a contemporary style', and reproduce Counties News online.
  • Plymouth Brethren sets out to be 'a portal for written expository and topical ministry "new and old"'.
  • Uplook Ministries is another extensive set of web pages which includes copies of their magazine and links to assemblies worldwide.
  • Echoes of Service : The missionary service which has strong Brethren links, also reproduces copies of its publications online.
  • The Emmaus Bible College in North America is an Open Brethren college.




World sites







  • Brethren Churches Directory, includes a list of Brethren churches in Singapore. 

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