Exclusive Brethren

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General information

  • Exclusive Brethren: A part of the BBC's guide to Religion and Ethics with a related section on Premillenial Dispensationalism.
  • The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church: an extensive site with introductions to the main exclusive grouping, with outlines of their beliefs, values, and worship, along with details of their schools, links to their blog, press releases and other resources.
  • My Brethren: Gordon Rainbow's site is a wide-ranging sympathetic introduction. It contains historical material, biographies, ministries, a variety of articles on scriptural studies and on doctrine, as well as memorabilia, personal messages and poetry.
  • Plymouth Brethren: Produced by Stephen Hesterman, this is a useful introduction which contains personal testimony of his experiences in the Exclusive Brethren.
  • Exclusive Brethren: The 'Wikipedia' encyclopedia page.

Personal testimony

World sites



  • HISTABLE contains sections on doctrine, history, hymns, and poems; it has a Bible forum along with a selection of articles, and links to the web sites of associated assemblies.

Critical accounts

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