Internet resources

Despite the absence of a centralized organization and formal leadership, the Christian Brethren are well served by the Internet. There are a variety of web-based introductions to Brethren assemblies and to Brethren thought. Guides to the Bible and aids to worship have been produced by those with Brethren sympathies, and there are links to Brethren connections worldwide. There are also web sites introducing the distinctive features of Brethren history, and others reproducing important historical documents online. The 'open brethren' is better served than the 'exclusive brethren', but even here there is much useful material.

Useful introductory sites:

  • 'Who are the Brethren? : An introduction from the web site of the Brethren Archivists and Historians Network.
  • 'Who are the Brethren?' : A very thorough introductory essay has been produced by John Barber. This contains extensive footnotes, a bibliography, and links to other Brethren related web pages.
  • Plymouth Brethren : contains an entry from the New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, Vol. IX .
  • contains an attempt to provide a detailed statistical analysis of the extent of Brethren membership worldwide (click on the letter 'p' on their A-Z list at the top of page and track down to 'Plymouth Brethren').

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