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Printed books and periodicals

The Christian Brethren Archive (CBA) has an extensive collection of printed books and periodicals relating the Christian Brethren movement and its history. It seeks by purchase and deposit to build upon its strengths. 

Analysis of the printed books and periodicals reveals strengths in the following areas: 

Studies of the following in relation to the Brethren and its history: 

  • Congregations
  • Personalities
  • Important events
  • Divisions
  • Missionary activity
  • Ecclesiology
  • Doctrine 
  • Movements with Brethren roots 
  • The Brethren in different countries 
  • Critical commentaries on the Brethren 
  • Academic studies of the Brethren 
  • Biographies 
  • Published conference proceedings 
  • Autobiographies 
  • Collected works by prominent Brethren authors 
  • Biblical exegesis 
  • Evangelical tracts 
  • Hymn books 
  • Sermons 
  • Publications of Brethren 'service organizations' such as Partnership and Precious Seed 
  • Works produced by Brethren printing houses 
  • Pamphlets, leaflets and tracts 
  • Bible editions 
  • Bible commentaries 
  • Dispensational literature 
  • Eschatology 
  • Fiction by Brethren authors 
  • Fiction including Brethren characters or commentary on the Brethren 
  • Brethren magazines and journals from across the globe 
  • Journal and periodical articles on Brethren related subjects
  • Unpublished theses and dissertations on Brethren related topics

Archive materials

The CBA has an extensive collection of archival material relating the Christian Brethren movement and its history. It endeavours to build upon its strengths through further deposits and loans. 

Analysis of the record materials reveals strength in the following areas:

Papers of individual Brethren, including photocopies of items from other repositories and private collections. 

These consist of records relating to: 

  • Prominent Brethren personalities. 
  • Leading figures in the development of Brethren ecclesiology. 
  • Persons know for the development of Brethren doctrine. 
  • Notable Brethren philanthropists. 
  • Brethren missionaries. 
  • Papers relating to Brethren missionary activity. 
  • Records relating to individual Brethren congregations. 
  • Records relating to Brethren support organizations, such as Partnership and Echoes of Service. 
  • Records relating to Brethren conferences. 
  • Records relating to academic studies of the Brethren. 
  • Correspondence and ephemera relating to breaks with and exclusions from the different sections of the Brethren.