Brethren Archivists and Historians Network

The Brethren Archivists and Historians Network (BAHN) supports those, from many countries, who are interested in researching aspects of Brethren history and seeing the results of such research published. Those involved represent a wide spectrum of ecclesiological and theological outlooks, but are united in wanting to understand more of the tradition with which most are linked.

BAHN's stated aims are:

  • to support the development of archives of the history of the Christian Brethren, the deposit of material in such archives and to make their resources better known.
  • to encourage research into Brethren history world-wide, to assist those writing on such topics and to encourage co-operation, and greater understanding of the development of the movement.
  • to support the publication and circulation of historical works on the Brethren, and to increase awareness of them.

BAHN is always looking to widen the network and to mutually encourage its members. At least once a year it publishes a review comprising articles and reviews of Brethren historical interest, a selection of which can be found on their BHR web page.

BAHN has initiated a regular international Brethren history conference. Details of BAHN, the Brethren Historical Review, conferences and BAHN membership can be found on their website.

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