1. For more on John Wesley's library, see Randy L. Maddox, "John Wesley's Reading: Evidence in the Kingswood School Archives," Methodist History 41.2 (January 2003); and Maddox, "John Wesley's Reading: Evidence in the Book Collection at Wesley's House, London," Methodist History 41.3 (April 2003).
  1. See particularly item 191 below, a gift from Charles Wesley Sr.'s grandson to Thomas Jackson
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  1. This catalog now sits (uncatalogued) beside volume 429 of the "Charles Wesley Family" collection in the Methodist Archives—Rylands.
  1. I list them below, at the end of the bibliography of the Rylands collection, so that I can give details of the inscription.
  1. See the collections in shelf-number order, items 342-348.
  1. The two volumes (337, 340) donated by John Howard to "Mr. Wesley" were surely to John, who met Howard at about the time of the publication of the second volume. Likewise, John showed an active interest in the medical writings of Friedrich Hoffmann (330-332), while Charles had no such interest. And it is possible that John picked up the Freylinghausen hymnal (312) while in Halle, at the same time he obtained the Zinzendorf Gesang-buch now in the London collection (because autographed).
  1. See the Samuel Butler book listed at the end of the bibliography that follows.
  1. One need simply at "MAW CW" to the number of each entry to have the Rylands shelf number for the book. For example, the first listed would be MAW CW1. A few of the volumes are bound collections of pamphlets originally published separately. In these cases the items are catalogued by the individual pamphlet names and each has its own shelf-number. I indicate this by putting the number of the bound volume in [brackets]. There will be no catalogue entry for the bound volume itself, only the individual items.
  1. See items 291 and 302-306 in the collections in shelf-number order.
  1. See item 315 in the collections in shelf-number order. It is unclear exactly which Annesley this might be