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University Printed Collections

Date range: 15th-20th centuries

Medium: Printed

Number of items: c.200,000 items.

In 1972 the John Rylands Library merged with the University of Manchester Library. This merger initiated a transfer of some collections from the Oxford Road campus. Some larger collections were divided, with the pre1801 portion only being transferred. Other, predominantly modern, print collections remained at the main campus.

A number of significant collections were bequeathed to the University of Manchester, since its original foundation as Owens College in 1851. Unfortunately some of these donations, such as that by James Prince Lee (first Bishop of Manchester), were dispersed and it is not possible to identify them as discrete collections.

The most notable discrete collections from individuals are that of Richard Copley Christie (1830-1901), of French and Italian Renaissance literature, Professor Walter Llewellyn Bullock (1890-1944) of 16th and 17th century Italian literature, James Riddick Partington (1886-1965) and Robert Angus Smith (1817–1884) of early chemistry and physics.

There are also significant collections relating to associated institutions such as the Manchester Medical Society, Manchester Museum, Manchester Geographical Society and the Deaf Institute.

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