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Manchester Geographical Society Photographic Slides Collection

Date range: 1890s-1940s

Medium: Photography

Number of items: c.10,000 items.

The Manchester Geographical Society was one of the most important provincial geographical societies in Britain, in its heyday rivalling even the Royal Geographical Society in London. It was founded in 1884, stimulated by Victorian commercial and missionary activities.

The collection of glass-plate slides, some bearing the name of Manchester photographic chemist and inventor J. T. Chapman, was transferred to the University of Manchester Library in 1970 along with the Geographical Society’s collection of books and archives, where it is now held on deposit.

This fascinating and extensive photographic collection is important for researchers interested in geography as well as providing a valuable source for information in the study of anthropology, ethnography, sociology and economics. The slides also present a very rich resource for art historians, the study of visual culture and postcolonial studies.

Content includes portraits, Geographical Society outings and photographic surveys of the places and people of:

  • East and South Africa
  • The Arctic
  • Britain
  • Canada
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Scandinavia
  • Peru

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