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Poll Book Collection

Date range: 1734-c.1880

Medium: Printed

Number of items: 1,000 items (dispersed)

A collection of poll books dating from 1734 to 1868, with a large group from East Anglia. There are also:

  • Around two hundred broadsides, posters and leaflets, dating from 1790 to around 1880, relating to elections, parliamentary and municipal, in the borough of Shrewsbury and the county of Shropshire, including other publications relating to public affairs in the area.
  • Around four hundred leaflets, documents, political squibs, and posters relating to the General Election of 1826 in Northumberland.
  • Twenty-nine leaflets, documents, broadsheets and political squibs, dating from around 1818 to 1874, relating to parliamentary and municipal elections in the county of Westmorland, including ten written by 'Poet Close' (John Close (1816-1891)). With five other papers of historical interest concerning the counties of Westmorland and Cumberland in the 19th century.

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  • Partially recorded in Library Search.
  • Catalogue of former University Special Collections items available via Special Collections reading rooms.


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