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Giovanni Battista Guarini Printed Works

Date range: 16th-18th centuries

Medium: Printed

Number of items: 200 items (dispersed).

The Library has 36 editions of Guarini's pastoral tragicomedy Il Pastor Fido printed between 1590 and 1800. These include the first edition printed in Venice by Bonfadino in 1590, together with another edition printed in the same year at Ferrara by Baldini in italic type. There are nine 18th-century editions here of Il Pastor Fido, including the Foulis Press edition of 1763 and the handsome large-paper copy of the Bodoni edition issued in Parma in 1793.

Furthermore, there are six 17th-century English translations, including the earliest editions of Sir Richard Fanshawe's famous translation of The Faithfull Shepheard, dated 1647, 1648 and 1664. There is also the 1694 altered version of Fanshawe's translation by Elkanah Settle.

The Library has the first complete edition of the Works of Guarini, the Veronese text of 1737-8.

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