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Francesco Petrarch Printed Works

Date range: 15th-20th centuries

Medium: Printed

Number of items: 1,000 items (dispersed).

The Petrarch Collection contains sixteen incunable editions of the Rime. These range in date from the editio princeps of 1470, printed in Venice by Vindelinus de Spira, to the edition of 1486 with its fashionable large type for the verse and smaller type for the commentary. There is also the beautiful and accurate Lauer edition of 1471 and three different Venetian editions of 1473. Manchester also holds two editions not found in the incomparable Willard Fiske Collection at Cornell University Library: the 1477 Neapolitan edition by Arnold of Brussels, and a Venetian edition of 1480 by an unknown printer.

80 of the approximately 150 editions published in the 16th century are present including all the Aldine editions, the counterfeit Lyonese copies, and two of the ten vellum copies of the 1501 Aldine edition.

The Library also holds numerous editions of Petrarch's Latin works, including the earliest complete edition, printed by Amerbach in Basel in 1496.

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