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Stanley of Alderley Deeds and Papers

Date range: 13th-19th centuries

Medium: Archive

Almost 250 deeds relating to Cheshire were presented to the John Rylands Library by Lord Stanley of Alderley in April 1927 (Rylands Charters 776-913).

Among them are deeds of the Jodrell family and their estates in Yeardsley cum Whaley and Sutton (RYCH/776-813), the Tatton of Wythenshawe family and their lands in Northenden (RYCH/814-840), and the Winningtons and their property in Northwich and Winnington (RYCH/841-913). The last section includes deeds relating to salt-houses in Northwich in the 13th century. The deeds, which range in date from the 13th century to the 19th, comprise grants, quitclaims, leases, letters of attorney and bonds.

There is also a separate collection of papers of the Stanley family of Alderley (English MSS 716-722, 1089-1090, 1092-1097). These comprise:

  • Notes on various notable families of Cheshire and Lancashire, including pedigrees and armorials, early 19th century (Eng MSS 716-720);
  • Personal letters of Maria Josepha Stanley née Holroyd (1771-1863), daughter of 1st Earl of Sheffield, wife of 1st Baron Stanley of Alderley (Eng MS 721);
  • Extracts from the journals and recollections of John Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley (Eng MS 722);
  • Boyhood letters and a diary of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, later Dean of Westminster, 1824-1828 (Eng MSS 1089-1090);
  • Family and miscellaneous letters addressed to Edward Lyulph Stanley (1839-1925), 4th Lord Stanley, between 1853 and 1874, including a three-page letter written at Balaclava by Augustus Lane Fox (later Pitt-Rivers) in which he describes the fighting in the Crimean War (Eng MSS 1092-1095);
  • A Stanley family household account book, 1784-1785 (Eng MS 1096), and a rental of Sir John Thomas Stanley, 1781-1785 (Eng MS 1097).

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Further information:

  • Catalogue of Stanley of Alderley deeds available online via ELGAR.
  • Catalogue of Stanley family papers available online via ELGAR.
  • Nancy Mitford, The Stanleys of Alderley: Their Letters between the Years 1851-1865 (London: Chapman & Hall, 1939).


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