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Torquato Tasso Printed Works

Date range: 16th-19th centuries

Medium: Printed

Number of items: 500 items (dispersed).

The Library has forty-five editions of Torquato Tasso’s great epic poem Gerusalemme Liberata published between 1580 and 1824, including eleven 16th-century examples. These include the lavishly-illustrated Castello edition with inferior text published in Genoa in 1590, as well as the third Malespini edition of 1583 and both editions of 1585, printed in Veniceby Salicato. Dialect versions include those in Bergamese, Calabrian, Genoese, Milanese, Neapolitan and Venetian ranging in date from 1670 to 1816. All English translations are present from Edward Fairfax’s Godfrey of Bulloigne, or, The Recoverie of Jerusalem(1600), to 1811.

The Library has five editions of Gerusalemme Conquistata ranging in date from 1594 to 1628, together with thirty-one editions of Tasso’s pastoral comedy Aminta published between 1581 and 1820.

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