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Nigel Temple Book Collection

Date range: 1732-1987

Medium: Printed

Number of items: 70 items

Dr Nigel Temple’s (1926-2003) passions for architecture, landscapes and gardening are reflected in this small but significant collection, which the Library purchased from his widow, Judith, in 2004. The material dates predominantly from the 19th century, with a dozen items from the 18th, and a couple from the 20th.

The collection includes a number of gardening books, ranging from ten years' coverage of a Victorian garden monthly for amateurs, to works by the Swedish-English architect Sir William Chambers (1722-1796), and the French botanist Pierre Boitard (1789?-1859). Picturesque cottage architecture is well-represented by authors including William Fuller Pocock (1779-1849), Robert Lugar (1773-1855) and John Birch (1838-1899).

A particular highlight of the collection is the magnificent Les Promenades de Paris (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1867–73) by Jean Charles Adolphe Alphand (1817–1891), who worked with Baron (Georges-Eugène) Haussmann (1809-1891) on the redesign of Paris.

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