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Voyages and Travels Printed Works

Date range: 15th-19th centuries

Medium: Printed

Number of items: 10,000 items (dispersed).

A very extensive series of published accounts of early voyages and travels is available including first editions of such famous collections as those of Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Ralegh, Richard Hakluyt, Samuel Purchas, the De Bry family, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Edward Daniel Clarke, Alexander von Humboldt and Peter Simon Pallas.

The collection has particularly significant holdings of the works of James Cook, and another circumnavigator well represented is Hon. Commodore John Byron. Other authors in the collection include Sir Henry Blount, Lady Isabel Burton, John Cabot, John Hunter and Robert Lyall.

Some examples of illustrated works are:

  • Bernard von Breydenbach’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Mainz, 1486), available in both German and Latin editions and in a French paraphrase;
  • William Hodges’ Travels in India (1793);
  • Louis, Compte de Forbin’s Voyage dans le Levant en 1817 et 1818 (1819);
  • Edward Dodwell’s Views in Greece (1821);
  • Charles Ramus Forrest’s A Picturesque Tour Along the Rivers Ganges and Jumna, in India (1824);
  • David Roberts’s Egypt and Nubia (1846–49) and The Holy Land (1855);
  • Paul-Émile Botta’s Monument de Ninive (1849–50), the most important work on Assyriology of the 19th century;
  • Francis Frith’s Egypt and Palestine (1858–63), one of the first books to be illustrated with pasted-in photographs.

There are a number of early maps and atlases, among them Christopher Saxton’s Atlas of England and Wales (1579), Abraham Ortelius’s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (1592), a second edition of Caspar van Baerle’s Rerum per Octennium in Brasilia et Alibi Gestarum… Historia (1660), and Jan Blaeu’s Atlas Major (1662) in eleven volumes.

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