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W. P. Crozier Papers

Date range: 1931-1944

Medium: Archive

Accounts, both typescript and holograph, of interviews conducted by William Percival Crozier (1879-1944), editor of the Manchester Guardian, 1932-1944, with statesmen and politicians. The interviews are concerned with European politics and the Nazi threat, the Jewish National Home and the Far East (India and China).

There are 175 major interviews with 23 leading politicians, including Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, David Lloyd George, Jan Masaryk and Herbert Morrison.

There are also 57 interviews with other notable figures such as Leo Amery, Lord Halifax, Neville Laski, Jawaharlal Nehru, Eleanor Roosevelt and Chaim Weizmann.

Further information:

  • Catalogue available online via ELGAR.

  • Many of Crozier's interviews were published in the collection, W. P. Crozier, Off the Record: Political Interviews 1933-1943, ed. A. J. P. Taylor (London: Hutchinson, 1973).


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