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Copinger-Hartland Manuscripts Collection

Date range: 17th–20th centuries

Medium: Manuscript

This small but richly varied collection of manuscripts was formed by the antiquary and bibliographer Walter A. Copinger (1847–1910) and was later acquired by the collector Ernest D. Hartland (d. 1931).

It comprises:

  • 17th-century copies of letters exchanged between Thomas Wolsey and the ambassadors of Henry VIII at Rome (English MS 882);
  • A sketch-book containing original landscape drawings in pencil and ink by the artist Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677), c.1626–52 (English MS 883);
  • An 18th-century notebook containing notes and verses by John Bowle and the poet laureate, Thomas Warton (English MS 884);
  • A volume comprising copies of papers relating to Richard Boyle (1566–1643), 1st Earl of Cork, Lord High Treasurer of Ireland (English MS 887);
  • Papers concerning Charles Tilstone Beke and his expeditions to Abyssinia/Ethopia in the 1860s to seek the release of the European hostages being held by Emperor Tewodros (English MSS 888–890).

Further information:

Catalogue available online via ELGAR.


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