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Jackson Family Papers

Date range: 1763-1942

Medium: Archive

Collection of personal and official papers of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jackson, his son Major General Alexander Cosby Jackson, their wives and several of their descendants.

In the 18th and 19th centuries many members of the Jackson family were employed by the British East India Company and the British Army in India, and much of the collection reflects their military and legal interests in the subcontinent and elsewhere.

The most prominent members of the family were Robert Jackson (1738-1786), who fought at Plassey in 1757 and subsequently held several prestigious posts as an infantry officer in the East India Company; Alexander Cosby Jackson (1773-1827), who served in the Netherlands, Ireland, Egypt and India; and his son Charles Robert Mitchell Jackson (1813-1874), who became a member of the Legislative Council of India in 1859, a judge of the High Court of Judicature in 1862, a Royal Commissioner on the failure of the Bank of Bombay in 1868, and auditor of the India Office in 1873.

Robert Jackson's papers include a volume containing ‘copies of letters to Europe’ concerning personal, domestic, family, financial, legal and military matters, including business of the East India Company. His military papers include a journal of an embassy to the King of Travancore (1783); two diaries (1771 and undated); an account of a military engagement near Poonah (undated), and a journal of the Broach Expedition (1772).

The collection as a whole is valuable for studies of British imperialism, especially in India, the lives of the British elite in India, and the workings of colonial administration, both civil and military.

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