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Gordon Kinder Collection

Date range: c.1966–1997

Medium: Archive/Printed

A. Gordon Kinder (1927–97) was one of the leading 20th-century writers on Spanish Nonconformity in the early modern period.

Kinder gained a Ph.D. from Sheffield University in 1971 and went on to teach at the University of Manchester (Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies) and at Sale Grammar School in Cheshire. His main interest was in evangelical Protestantism during the Reformation era. The archival element of the Kinder Collection is the product of his research in various European archives; the printed elements offer a bibliography of over 100 books and articles relating to Spanish Nonconformity.

The collection includes Kinder's notebooks and cards detailing his research and photocopies of original documents, particularly Inquisition records in the Archivo Histórico Nacional (Madrid) and the Archivo General de Simancas (Valladolid). There are also many transcriptions of these documents and drafts of Kinder’s writings, and academic correspondence. The bulk of the collection concerns 16th-century Spanish Nonconformity and related areas of study such as the European Protestant and Catholic Reformations, radical reformers, and Spanish Golden Age religious literature. There is also interest in the religious history of Italy and the Low Countries through cultural connections with Spain during the period.

Further information:

  • Recorded in Library Search.
  • Nigel Griffin, ‘A. Gordon Kinder (1927-1997)’, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies,vol. 75, no. 3 (1998), pp. 379–94.
  • Gordon Kinder Collection hand list available via Special Collections Reading Rooms.


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