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Brian Cox Printed Collection

Date range: 1904-2008

Medium: Printed

Number of items: 750 items

Books from the library of Professor Charles Brian Cox (1928-2008), former John Edward Taylor Professor of English at Manchester University, donated in 2011 by Mrs Jean Cox.

Cox was co-founder with his lifelong friend Anthony Edward Dyson (1928-2002), of the literary journal Critical Quarterly, and took a strong interest in contemporary poetry. British and American poetry books are the main strength of the collection, including volumes by individual poets, anthologies and critical works. Poets that are well represented include Simon Curtis (1943-2013), Thom Gunn (1929-2004), Ted Hughes (1930-98), Robert Lowell (1917-77), Jayanta Mahapatra (1928- ), Michael Schmidt (1947- ) and Charles Tomlinson (1927-2015). Cox’s own poems and other writings are also present, as both monographs and periodical contributions.

There are a few imprints from small, private presses, such as Aralia, Gehenna, Keepsake, Kelly-Winterton, Mandeville and Tern. Cox’s concern with the teaching of English is reflected in a small section on education, including volumes on the American university and the Cyril Burt Affair.

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