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Derek Guttery Papers

Date range: 1860-1999

Medium: Archive

Derek Guttery (1930–1999) was both a professional radiologist and an authority on the history of early radiology.

His career began as a medical radiologist, but in 1957 he moved into industrial radiology, specializing in the non-destructive testing of materials by X-rays. Guttery had a passionate interest in the history of X-rays and imaging, setting up an office and darkroom from where he conducted his meticulous research into many aspects of the field, and assembling a library of images on the subject.

The papers of Derek Guttery comprise material relating to the history of the X-ray and radiology, including:.

  • A substantial collection of trade literature from manufacturers of X-ray equipment;
  • Subject files compiled by Guttery in the course of his research into many aspects of the history of X-rays, including files on X-ray pioneers, early equipment, the ‘Radiation Martyrs’, Wilhelm Röntgen and the discovery of X-rays;
  • A library of images relating to many aspects of X-ray history;
  • Papers relating to Guttery’s own career in non-destructive testing;
  • Material relating to the British Institute of Radiology.

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Catalogue available online via ELGAR.


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