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Records of the Medici Family of Florence

Date range: 11th-18th centuries

Medium: Archive

The collection comprises documents from the archives of the younger branch of the Florentine family of Medici, formerly in the possession of the Marquis Cosimo and the Marquis Averardo de' Medici.

They include:

  • a grant from Pietro di Pietro Petroni to the church and monastery of St Barnabas of Gamungno, Faenza, in 1085;
  • a papal bull of Pope Pius II to the Archdeacon of Florence concerning the foundation of a canonry in the church of San Lorenzo, 1462;
  • confirmation of a lease by Pope Leo X, signed by Pietro Bembo, 1517;
  • a letter from Pope Leo X to Zanobi de' Medici, signed by Pietro Bembo, 1521;
  • credentials of Francesco de' Medici as envoy of Pope Clement VII to Charles de Bourbon, Count of Saint Pol, 1529;
  • six letters from Francesco I, Grand Duke of Tuscany, to Raffaello de' Medici, 1575-1577;
  • letters from Ferdinando I, Duke of Florence, to the Marquis Biagio Capizucchi in Avignon and others, 1589-1608;
  • numerous medieval and post-medieval grants, letters patent, court orders, records of judgements, agreements, correspondence and accounts.

Further information:

Catalogue available online via ELGAR.


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