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Oldham Textile Employers' Association Archive

Date range: 1870-1960

Medium: Archive

Records of the Oldham Textile Employers’ Association, which was originally known as the Oldham Master Cotton Spinners Association.

The Association supported the interests of the cotton industry in Oldham, arbitrated in disputes between firms, lobbied both local and national government on behalf of the industry, and in later years helped to co-ordinate industrial reorganization and redundancy schemes in the cotton industry.

Its records include: letter-books, members levy books, financial records, an extensive range of files relating to relations with other textile organisations, trade issues and rationalisation of the industry from the 1920s onwards. There are also official government reports and, a large amount of printed material concerning the cotton industry, The collection also includes including a set of the weekly newspaper of the cotton operatives, Cotton Factory Times, 1889–1937.

There is a wealth of information on working conditions, industrial diseases, relations between employers and employees, the state of both domestic and overseas trade, and the reorganisation and decline of the Lancashire cotton industry.

The archive is a valuable source for the study of labour history, economic and social history, employers’ associations, trade unions, industrial history, textile history, industrial decline, and international trade.

Part of the Association's archive is held by Oldham Local Studies and Archives.

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Catalogue available online via ELGAR.


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