Supporting academic teaching

We support academic teaching at the University of Manchester - and beyond - by offering our specialist knowledge and our unique collections.

We regularly contribute to teaching through lectures and workshops. We can host visits and seminars in the RACE library, sharing relevant archive and library items with you and your students. We frequently work with course tutors to develop interesting and engaging assignments for students.

We can also support the development of existing and new courses, by suggesting new or additional themes and enquiry questions, and identifying relevant archive collections you (and your students) could draw on.

Whilst there are obvious connections between our collections and subjects like History and Sociology, we can support teaching in a range of other disciplines.

"This archive and its collections are absolutely unique. There is no other place that the students can engage with these materials or with this history to such a great extent. The students found the materials surprising and have remarked on how they shifted entirely their preconceptions of Moss Side and Black communities in Manchester.

A few students have already stated their intention to return to the archive to carry out further research related to my module, and their dissertations.

The students were engrossed in the material. For many this was their first archive trip and as History students, meant that it was the first time they saw the 'stuff' of their subject. It was also a unique perspective into collections on Black and global majority collections.

It was also an eye-opener for many of the students in regards to the archival practice and the significance of decolonised vs colonialist methods of doing this."

Jack Webb, Lecturer in Modern British History, University of Manchester.

To explore how we could support or contribute to your teaching, please contact us.