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Accessing e-journals, ebooks and databases (UoM)

The following methods provide access to eJournals, eBooks and databases provided by the library.

If you need help, please email the eResources Helpdesk or telephone 0161 275 7388. The Team is available Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 17:00. Outside of these hours (except 08:00 - 09:00), the Helpdesk is operated by Northumbria University. Details supplied during the course of managing your request will be stored and reported back to The University of Manchester who will offer further assistance if required.

IP address

Most services can be accessed on campus on the basis of University of Manchester IP addresses which have been registered with suppliers and publishers. The IP range that has been registered is 130.88.*.*. If you wish to check the IP address of the computer you are using please click My IP Address.

Usernames and passwords

In some cases a username and password is required for access on-campus as well as off-campus. This may be your University username and password or another stipulated by the service provider / publisher and described as a Special username and password.

University username and password

Your University username and password are provided by the University of Manchester and are used for network access, email and other IT services. They are also used to access many electronic library resources.

To test your University username and password you can login through the University Login Service. 'Login Successful' confirms your username and password are valid. Then click on 'Log out'.

To log in to an electronic resource:

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Special usernames and passwords

A few services have provided special usernames and passwords which must be used to access their services.  In some cases these are required both on-campus and off-campus. To access the username and password for a database, simply follow the link 'special username and password' on the specific database page.  For journals, follow the link below to access the list.  You will be prompted to enter your University username and password.

Usernames and passwords for:

The University of Manchester VPN service

The VPN service , provided by IT Services, makes it possible to gain full network access from off-campus. When connected, your computer is assigned a University IP address and you will be able to access IP authenticated services as if on campus. 

Problems regarding the installation or use of the VPN service should be reported to IT Services:

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