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Books on demand

If you need it, we'll buy it

Textbooks‌We understand your frustration when you can’t get your hands on the books you need for your course.

So we’re investing in a new scheme whereby if we don’t have the book in stock when you need it, we’ll buy a brand new one.

To give you more choice and flexibility as to how you like to read, we are buying both printed books and ebooks as part of the scheme. The eBooks on Demand scheme is available all year round; Print Books on Demand is a limited offer. Both projects help to ensure that the Library's shelves – both physical and virtual – have even more of the books that you need.

For further information on these two initiatives please use the following links:

Remember, if you want to recommend books for the Library to buy you can submit a request to the Book Purchasing team at any time of the year, who will consider your request.

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